Africa’s Big Seven

Increasingly the world is beginning to see Africa’s immense business potential and there is growing recognition that the continent offers phenomenal opportunities in both the sourcing and selling of products.

There can be little argument that Africa’s economic prospects are the best they have ever been. This all adds up to enormous business opportunities for suppliers of raw materials, processing, packaging and labelling equipment, a fact not lost on last year’s international exhibitors came from 39 countries around the globe.

“The simple fact is that Africa wants to do business” said Teigue Payne, publisher of leading industry journal Food & Beverage Reporter. “Africa’s Big Seven plays a hugely successful role in bridging the gap between buyers and sellers; people who in many instances would have no other way of knowing of each others existence”.

In conjunction with Africa’s Big Seven (The continent’s leading Food and Beverage Industry Event) plus Halaal World 2010 – supported and endorsed by the South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA).

MPOC is a partner for Africa’s Big Seven with Malaysia becoming one of the Partner nations in Africa’s Big Seven 2010.

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