Industrial Trans-Fats

Partial hydrogenation is a process that increases the melting point and solids content of liquid oil.

Unsung Hero in Confectionaries: Malaysian Palm Oil

The biggest advantage of using palm fat as an alternative is due to its availability and potential cost reduction of the overall confectionery formulation.

Oil Palm Phenolics

Oil Palm Phenolics (OPP) are water soluble compounds found in the oil palm fruit.

Industrial Measures in Mitigating Glycidyl Esters Formation in Refined Palm Oil

Glycidyl fatty acid esters (GEs) is a heat-induced processing contaminants that most commonly occurred in refined vegetable oils (Ermacora and Hrncirik, 2014; Weißhaar and Perz, 2010). Although harmful effects on humans and animals have not been demonstrated, glycidol, the hydrolysate of GEs have be...

Malaysian Red Palm Oil: The Lesser Known Premium Cooking Oil

Have you ever heard of the Malaysian Red Palm Oil (RPO)? Over the years, while great attention has been given to regular golden palm oil, many have overlooked or have not been aware of the presence of the nutrient dense RPO.

The Importance of Vegetable Oil Blending

The Importance Of Vegetable Oil Blending The important and widely used lipid source for food is vegetable oils. Recently, their use for food has been increasing. However, some vegetable oils do not meet consumers’ preference with respect to their physico-chemical properties, texture and stability (R...

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