Palm-based Candles

Palm-based fatty acids (such as stearic and palmitic acids) and palm stearin can be used to make palm-based candles.

Engagement with Industry and Government Agencies on Enforcement of “No Palm Oil” Regulations

On 6th March 2023, Monday, at Zenith Hotel Putrajaya, MPOC together with KPDN, jointly organised an Engagement with Industry and Government Agencies on Enforcement of “No Palm Oil” Regulations. MPOC continues its mission in raising awareness on the importance of tackling the “No Palm Oil” issue. Abo...

Spreading the goodness palm-based margarine

With billions of people on earth, one might wonder is there enough food for all of us? Food security has become more and more pressing since several years ago. Due to various health, environmental, and social concerns, the global demand for animal sourced products is becoming more challenging to ful...

Healthy and Functional Palm-based Cheese Analogue

Healthy and Functional Palm-Based Cheese Analogue What is cheese analogue? – A milk cheese alternative that is identical to natural cheese in composition, appearance, features, and even use. What is the difference between natural cheese and cheese analogue?  – Unlike the usual cheeses, c...

Bake a Low GI Super Loaf using Malaysian Palm Oil!

Traditionally, bread is made with wheat flour and water, with or without leavening agent (i.e. yeast). However, it is later discovered that adding oil helps in shaping bread dough, and making it more elastic, less sticky, and ultimately, easier to handle. Also, it enhances the texture, flavour, and ...

Does adding natural antioxidants in cooking oil help?

Cooking oils have been around for most of human history. It is indisputably a fantastic medium used to transfer heat to food, facilitating cooking processes.

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