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6th Interview : Managing Director of Sime Darby Oils

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Mr. Haris Arshad

In this interview, Mr. Haris Arshad shares the story of his greatest achievement – the creation of Sime Darby Oils, one of the biggest downstream palm oil companies in Malaysia. He also talks about the challenges the company faced particularly during pandemic. With sustainability becoming an increasingly important theme in the palm oil industry, he shares how Sime Darby Oils utilises technology and innovation to ensure the sustainability and traceability of its palm oil production.

5th Interview : CEO of Emami Agrotech Ltd

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Mr. Sudhakar Desai

Mr. Sudhakar Desai, a prominent leader in the Indian vegetable oils industry, explains his professional journey, starting his career as a salesman and is currently the CEO of Emami Agrotech Ltd, one of the largest edible oil companies in India. Mr. Desai, who is also President of the Indian Vegetable Oil Producers’ Association (IVPA), shares his views on the Indian edible oils market dynamics, and his outlook on the future on the industry.

4th Interview : CEO of Malaysian Palm Oil Association

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Datuk Nageeb Wahab

From a cadet planter to one of the most respected figures in the Malaysian oil palm industry, Datuk Nageeb Wahab shares his life journey through the years. He speaks about his four decades of experience and the key positions he has held in the palm oil industry. He also discusses his views on the current challenges facing the palm oil industry and his aspirations for the industry, particularly the importance of Malaysian youth participation.

3rd Interview : CEO of Agrilink / Agritrade Co. Ltd.

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Ms. Isinsu Kestelli

In this interview, Ms. Isinsu Kestelli shares her views on sustainable food production and the importance of continued supplies for sustainably-sourced palm oil to the world. A philanthropist, she also talks about some of her projects to improve the socio-economic status of under-represented and under-privileged communities.

2nd Interview : Chairman of  Meghna Group of Industries

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Mr. Mostafa Kamal

In this interview, Mr. Mostafa Kamal shares his inspiring story of how he transformed a small trading business conglomerates of Bangladesh. The group now has 48 major companies producing  a vast range of products with palm oil being the flagship business.

1st Interview : Ex-CEO of Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)

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Dato' Dr Wan Zawawi Wan Ismail

In this candid discussion, Dato’ Dr Wan Zawawi Wan Ismail talks about some key learnings from his decades long career. He also provides his perspective on the main challenges facing the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry and what aspirations he has for the future of the industry.

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