China (Jan – Sep) 2019

Malaysian Palm Oil Exports Performance to China
(Jan- Sep 2019)
A Review on MPO Export Performance

For the period of Jan – Sep 2019, Malaysia’s palm oil exports to China increased by 419,462 MT or by 34.9% to 1,621,309 MT. One of the main reason for the increased exports was the lower crushing of soybeans in the first half of 2019 which was brought about by the African swine fever (ASF). The effect of ASF was more severe and/or widespread than expected and reduced China’s need for soybeans which drove price of local soybean oil up. As a result, demand for other oils, particularly palm oil increased and this can be seen in the overall import of palm oil during this period which rose by more than 1 million MT compared to the same period of 2018.

Table 1 : Malaysian palm oil export to China/HK
 Jan – Sep 2019Jan – Sep 2018Difference (MT)Difference (%)
Source : MPOB

Another reason for the rise in China’s palm oil import can be partially attributed to the benefit enjoyed by palm oil from the US-China trade war. On July 6, 2018, China imposed additional 25% tariff on US soybean import on top of the existing 3%. The additional tax on soybean was further raised to 30% on 1st September, 2019. On September, 25, 2018, China further impose a 10% tariff on soyabean oil and meal imported from US.  From June 1, 2019, 25% tariff was impose for the import of the 2 products. From 1 Sept 2019, the additional tax imposed on soybean oil was raise again to 30%.

 Jan-Aug 2019Jan-Aug 2018Change (Vol.)Change (%)Jan-Dec 2018
PO – Malaysia3,505,7132,984,211521,50217.474,719,799
PO – Indonesia14,523,1003,086,8001,436,30046.536,293,100

As for palm products, RBD Palm Olein, RBD Palm Stearin and Crude Palm stearin are the major types of palm oil exported accounting for 93.0% of the total exports. This share is 4.4% lower than the 97.4% in the corresponding period last year. There was a 14.6% decrease  in CPS  import by 26,867 MT to 157,121 MT. Meanwhiile, RBD PS imports rose by 69.2% or 131,009  MT to  320,359 MT.

Table 2: Malaysian Palm Products Export to China / HK
(By Products)
ProductJan- Sep 2019Jan-Sep 2018Diff (MT)Diff (%)
RBD PL1,029,870797,255232,61529.2
RBD PS320,359189,350131,00969.2
Source: MPOB

On a month to month basis, Malaysia’s palm oil exports to China increased by 239.2% or 218,277 MT from 91,271 MT in July, 2019 to 309,548 MT in August 2019. With USA-China trade war escalating, it is expected that this factor will continue to support growth of Malaysian palm oil exports to China. As it is, China’s palm oil import recorded substantial increase for Jan.-July 2019 period. During this period, palm oil imports was at 3,914,600 MT, 37.2% or 1,060,000 MT higher than the import for the same period of last year of 2,853,800 MT.

Source : MPOB


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