Industry Overview

Industry Overview

Malaysia’s position as the World’s leading Palm Oil-producing country has allowed the industry to flourish in the way it has never been before. Now, we are churning out a wider variety of by-products as a result of continuous R&D efforts; making the downstream manufacturing into an industry itself. This allows Malaysia to remain heads and shoulders above its other competitors.

Know more about palm oil industry industry, how it started until becoming the world’s largest producer and the processes involved. 

Details on Malaysian Palm Oil Industry

Statistics from previous years

The Palm Oil Advantage in Biofuel

The high prices of petroleum have stimulated the rapid development of the biofuel industry in the European Union, United States and to some extent in Malaysia. Biofuel offers strategic advantages for different sectors and stakeholders. 

BMD Daily Crude Palm Oil / Palm Kernel Oil Futures
Daily updates of palm oil and palm kernel oil futures prices. Source taken from The New Straits Time.
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Daily Palm Oil Prices Daily palm oil prices released by Malaysian Palm Oil Board. Click here to get palm oil complete statistics. Read More
Palm Oil Latest News and Archives
Daily updates on palm oil news around the world. Click here to get the complete list of palm oil news and archives.
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Malaysian Palm Oil – A Success Story
This coffee-table publication traces the ‘Malaysian Success Story’. It takes the reader into the kitchens of the world. It provides glimpses of the plantation industry and explains why Malaysia is a reliable and sustainable supplier of this remarkably versatile oil.
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Malaysian Palm Oil Directory
The MALAYSIA – PALM OIL DIRECTORY was published to enable companies involved in the palm oil trade in Malaysia to reach out to global markets by being compiled in convenient reference lists for interested parties.
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Global Oils and Fats Business Magazine
A quarterly magazine with acirculation of 25,000 copies worldwide has been reporting on the oils and fats industry since 2004 and continues to inform decision makers, regulators, health professionals and those involved in the oils & fats business on key issues widely discussed in the industry.
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Malaysian Palm Oil Fortune
The Malaysian Palm Oil FORTUNE is MPOC’s   monthly  market update covering the latest development in the oils and fats market. Keep abreast with marketing issues around the globe.  Be sure to look out for the next issue of Malaysian Palm Oil Fortune!
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