International Palm Oil Sustainability Conference 2010 – Presentation Download

PLENARY PAPER         1.   The Implications of Environmental Regulations for Agricultural R&D and Innovation with Specific Reference
to Biofuel R&D       by Dr. Carl E.Pray, Rutgers University New Jersey, USA Download         SESSION 1: THE LCA APPROACH TOWARDS GHG SAVINGS         2.   How does Palm Oil Measure up Against EU’s RED?       by Dr. Guido A. Reinhardt, IFEU Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg, Germany Download         3.   Life Cycle Emissions and Land Use Conversion from Malaysian Palm Oil Biodiesel       by Mr. Stefan Unnasch, Life Cycle Associates LLC, USA Download         4.   European Policies Towards Palm Oil – Sorting Out Some Facts: Why the Renewable Energy Directive is
Discriminatory Against Non-EU Producers of Biofuels       by Dr. Gernot Pehnelt, GlobEcon, Germany Download                 SESSION 2: MAXIMIZING THE FULL POTENTIAL OF PALM OIL – FROM GENETICS, YIELD AND BEYOND         6.   The Need for Sustainable Palm Oil from the Viewpoint of WWF       by Dr Arun Ventakaraman, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Malaysia Download                 7.   Water Footprints of Palm Oil Biodiesel and Impacts. Issues for Sustainable Production       by Dr Upali Amarasinghe, International Water Management Institute, India Download         SESSION 3: CARBON MANAGEMENT MECHANISMS & TRADE         8.   Is REDD Still Red Hot? – Its Implications to the Palm Oil Industry       by Dr. Gary Theseira, Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Malaysia Download                 9.   Border Carbon Adjustments: Potential Implications for Malaysian Exporters       by Mr. Jeffrey Crawford, UNIDO, Thailand Download         10.   Carbon Footprint of Various Fertilizers from Mining, Production and Usage with Particular Reference to N Fertilizers       by Dr. Frank Brentrup, YARA GmbH & Co.KG, Germany Download                 SESSION 4: SUSTAINABLE PEAT, BIODIV ERSITY AND WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT         11.   To Develop or Conserve? – The Sarawak Peat Paradigm       by Mr. Ramesh Veloo, Tradewinds Plantation Berhad, Malaysia Download         12.   How State Governments Can Play a Role in Expediting Conservation Partnerships Between the Industry and NGOs       by Dr Laurentius Anbu, Sabah Wildlife Department, Malaysia Download                 13.   Funding Environmental Conservation Through Sustainable Oil Palm Development       by Dr. Jeff Sayer, James Cook University, Australia Download         14.   Comparative GHG Emission Impact from the Coal Mining Industry in Developed Countries Versus Oil Palm
Cultivation in Developing Countries       by Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Yusof Basiron, Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), Malaysia Download         SESSION 5 : BIOMASS AND BIOENERGY         15.   Sustainable Renewable Energy Solutions with Particular Reference to Biomass       by Dr. Ibrahim Dincer, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada Download         16.   Opportunities for Palm-Sourced Bioenergy from Milling Waste       by Mr. Lionel Freedman, Bio Renewable Solutions, Australia Download                 17.   Funding Environmental Conservation Through Sustainable Oil Palm Development       by Dr. Jeff Sayer, James Cook University, Australia Download         18.   Briquetting Biomass Waste – A Renewable Green Energy for the Future       by En. Zainuri bin Busu, Felda Palm Industries Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Download         SESSION 6 : CERTIFICATION AND BRANDING         19.   RSPO Certification – Major Pitfalls Plantation Companies Can Avoid       by Salahudin Yaacob, SGS Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Download         20.   No Net Loss of Biodiversity – Announcing New RSPO and Sabah Government Initiatives       by Mr. Darius Sarshar, New Forests Asia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Download                 21.   Balancing the Climate Change Debate – Palm oil and Poverty Alleviation Amongst Rural Peatland Communities in Malaysia       by Ms. Liew Suet Fun, Malaysia Download         22.   European Sustainability Requirements – Current Status, Forthcoming Changes and Certification Requirements       by Dr Jan Henke Download                 ]]>

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