Nutrition & Health

Nutrition & Health

Reach and Remind Friends of the Industry Seminar 2022 and Dialogue

Reach & Remind, Friends of the Industry Seminar 2022 and Dialogue is an annual seminar organised by Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) with the objective to highlight the important issues and opportunities in the Malaysian palm oil industry by way of a seminar –cum- dialogue and also exhibition.

Trans-Fats Part 1

Partial hydrogenation is a process that increases the melting point and solids content of liquid oil.

Is fatty acid found in palm oil linked to the spread of cancer?

On 10th November 2021, the article “Fatty acid found in palm oil linked to spread of cancer” was published in The Guardian.  Fatty acids in diet are complex. A single food may contain a few types of fats (solid or soft, or both) and in every fat or oil, the fatty acid composition differs from [...

Healthy Ageing with Palm-Derived Tocotrienols

Our modern lifestyles lead to oxidative stress and low-grade chronic inflammation in the body. These are the underlying causes of non-communicable diseases.[1] Vitamin E Tocotrienols from palm oil are potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents and possess many health benefits that can potentia...

Potential health benefits of MCTs and MCT Oil

Comprise a glycerol molecule attached to 3 fatty acid chains ranging between 6 to 12 carbons in length

Science and Sustainability Engagement Series 5: Towards Digitalisation of Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil

MPOC’s Science and Sustainability Engagement Series is a science-based online platform recently launched to update palm oil industry stakeholders on the latest developments in the area of sustainability, environment, health and nutrition. Experts are invited to present on this online platform regula...