Palm oil set for bull run after Indonesia supply plateau nears

JAKARTA: A palm oil bull run could begin with Indonesia’s production decelerating, even before palm oil output plateaus by 2021. 

Coupled with rising domestic consumption, global supply will dwindle, driving prices higher. The shortage will affect the global edible oil balance as palm oil has the largest share with 31%.

Indonesia’s structural output high should precede First Resources’ 2021 production peak, as the Indonesian planter’s trees are younger than the country’s average.

Indonesia’s palm oil exports fell to 68% of production in 2018 compared to 74% in 2017 as domestic demand rose, backed by favorable biodiesel economics. 

Strong crude oil prices could help to sustain this trend. – Bloomberg

At 1pm, CPO for third month up RM11 to RM1,983.

Source : The Star

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