Tastefully Palm Oil (Absolutely Halal Malaysia 2019)

In conjunction with “Love My Palm Oil” Campaign
Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
26-27 July 2019

Aimed to promote better image of palm oil among Malaysian consumers, MPOC recently participated at Absolutely Halal Malaysia 2019 (Tastefully Food Expo Series) which was held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Kuala Lumpur from 26th to 28th July 2019. Absolutely Halal Malaysia 2019 is a remarkable platform for awareness and dissemination of information on Malaysian palm oil, its products and brands to the target group. The event successfully attracted more than 80,000 visitors.

Opening ceremony officiated by Dato’ Dr. Sirajuddin Suhaimee, Director of Halal Hub Division, JAKIM


MPOC organized a Malaysian Palm Oil Pavilion, with 6 industry partners. They are:

  1. Delima Oil Products Sdn Bhd
  2. Gold Choice Biotech Sdn Bhd
  3. Sime Darby Oils
  4. Felcra Berhad
  5. Carotino Sdn Bhd
  6. Putra Creamery InnoHub UPM 

Carotino Sdn Bhd

The companies took part in the exhibition and highlighted their products. To enhance their presence, MPOC put up a well-constructed and designed stand to display their products and information. There were three representatives present from each company at the booth. The pavilion also housed MPOC’s information centre focusing on three core aspects of Malaysian palm oil; namely science, nutrition and environment. The content allows the visitor to better understand the versatility of palm oil for food and non-food product applications and how it affects their daily lives.  

Sime Darby Oils

Among the technical information provided includes various palm oil fractions and its applications, recipes using palm oil, advantages of using palm oil for frying, reasons food manufacturers prefer palm oil and composition and minor constituents in palm oil. Our wall mural featuring attributes of palm oil had attracted a tremendous enquiries.  Videos featuring the special message from YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad; Love What You Do-Love My Palm Oil and MPOWCF conservation effort were continuously played during the event.


Gold Choice Biotech Sdn Bhd

Delima Oil Products Sdn Bhd

Love My Food, Love My Palm Oil Cooking Demonstration

The main highlight of the event was the cooking demonstration by Chef Kasdi Dahari together with Malaysian actress and producer, Sheila Rusly. The cooking demonstration using a variety of palm based products and cooking oil managed to draw a large crowd. Besides introducing their recipes, our invited chef and celebrity played important roles to disseminate the advantages of using palm oil during their cooking demonstration. Facebook live streaming was also launched during the cooking session. Video of the cooking demonstration posted after the event reached more than 50 K views as of 7th August 2019, within eleven days after the event.  

Cooking demonstration by Chef Kasdi Dahari and Sheila Rusly

Palm Oil Student Ambassador Activities

  1. #Lovemypalmoil photo booth

Red Palm Oil Ice-cream served at MPOC booth

The main attraction at MPOC’s booth was the “Love My Palm Oil” photo booth and transparent soap making which attracted almost 1,000 participations. Aimed to introduce the visitors to MPOC social media, they were required to like SED Facebook page before they were rewarded with a delicious “Red Palm Oil Ice-cream” prepared by Putra Creamery UPM. Visitors also participated in the making of short video clips, showing their support for the “Love My Palm Oil” campaign. Visitors were briefed on the benefits of palm oil while they were doing all the fun activities.  It was an interactive approach to learn about palm oil.

LMPO clips

  1. Palm-based soap making demonstration

Palm oil products have wide applications in the non-food sector, especially in the production of soaps and detergents, cosmetics and oleochemical products. Soap production is one of the most important applications of palm oil. The Tenera Association UPM were involved to demonstrate and explain on how transparent soap using palm-based glycerin is made. The activity allowed our Student Ambassadors to confidently talk about palm oil and its uses to the public.

Transparent soap making demonstration by our Student Ambassador, The Tenera Association UPM

Tastefully Food Expo is a suitable platform for the Love My Palm Oil Campaign. A continuous effort to jointly promote Malaysian palm oil and Love My Palm Oil campaign with the palm oil industry partners at Tastefully Food Expo is highly recommended. 

Social media outreach

During the event, several videos were posted on social media. The videos had reached 33-52 K views as of 7th August 2019.