1st Palm Oil Supply and Demand Outlook Conference (POSDOC)


The Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) is an inter-governmental organisation established on November 2015 by Indonesia and Malaysia to strengthen cooperation and collaboration among palm oil producing countries. The objective is to ensure long term benefits of such palm oil endeavors to the economic development and well-being of the people of the member countries. Palm oil is one of the key export commodities for developing nations, the cultivation of which contributes significantly to generating foreign exchange, job creation as well as other multiplier economic activities in the food, energy and industrial sectors.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board, the premier R&D institution under the Ministry of Primary Industries, Malaysia is the Organizing Partner for POSDOC and IMCEOF


As palm oil is a market driven industry in many producing countries, CPOPC wishes that all the stakeholders to be cognizant and updated on the palm oil supply, demand and price in the global market. There is a need to develop a Supply and Demand Balancing Strategy to ensure that the market price is remunerative for the industry to remain sustainable. The industry needs to explore areas of mutual interest to work together, to share common experiences to address problems as well as identify and optimize opportunities.

This conference provides a strategic platform for interaction and in-depth deliberation on three key aspects related to palm oil industry namely production supply, market demand and price outlooks. Participants will gain valuable perspective on the latest forecast and outlooks in order for them to devise timely strategy and market plan for 2020.

This conference will incorporate Indonesia Malaysia CEO Forum (IMCEOF). Prominent captains of the industry from the two largest producers and exporters of palm oil will be invited to share their views and future directions in mapping the priorities, interests and aspirations of the palm oil producing countries. The theme of the CEO Forum is on Striving for Sustainable Supply & Demand and Remunerative Prices of Palm Oil.

A total of eight CEOs from Indonesia and Malaysia has been identified and will be invited to speak at the forum. These CEO’s will represent the various supply-chain sectors of the palm oil industry from both countries.

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