A Fair Trade Approach for Promoting Food Security & Supply Sustainability in Oils & Fats Trade

For many years, countries

globally have been facing shortages in domestic supply to fulfill  their

oils and fats needs. This has lead to many countries becoming chronic

importers of oils and fats. Fortunately, there are a few

countries producing excess oils and fats  to meet the needs of net

importers, such as  Malaysia and Indonesia, who are also the major

producers of palm and palm kernel oil. 

Although there are significant

opportunities available for all countries to enhance their capacity to

produce and export oils and fats to meet global demand,  a fair trade

regime needs to be in place to enable unimpeded access for oils and fats

exports globally.  Presently, the most viable crop capable of

participating in the net export market is palm oil due to its high yield

and the least land required.

* This paper was presented by Dr Yusof Basiron at the National Institute of Oilseed Products (NIOP) Conference at Scottsdale, USA

Click here to download the full presentation | PDF (4 MB)

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