Healthy and Functional Palm-based Cheese Analogue

Healthy and Functional Palm-Based Cheese Analogue What is cheese analogue? – A milk cheese alternative that is identical to natural cheese in composition, appearance, features, and even use. What is the difference between natural cheese and cheese analogue?  – Unlike the usual cheeses, c...

Bake a Low GI Super Loaf using Malaysian Palm Oil!

Traditionally, bread is made with wheat flour and water, with or without leavening agent (i.e. yeast). However, it is later discovered that adding oil helps in shaping bread dough, and making it more elastic, less sticky, and ultimately, easier to handle. Also, it enhances the texture, flavour, and ...

Does adding natural antioxidants in cooking oil help?

Cooking oils have been around for most of human history. It is indisputably a fantastic medium used to transfer heat to food, facilitating cooking processes.

Vegetable Glycerine

Plant-based product that typically comes from soy, palm, and coconut oils - SUITABLE FOR VEGAN

Refractive Index of Edible Oils and Fats

Fats and oils are macronutrients that have a highly varied composition. As the industry, particularly oil refineries, depend on many fats and oils, it is important for them to confirm their identities.

3-MCPD Precursors and Formation

The industry has identified steps to mitigate the formation of 3-MCPD in Malaysian Palm Oil.

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