Natural antioxidants and palm oil

Preparation of many culinary delights across the globe involve deep frying. Crispy and golden seem to be the preferred attributes of foods by many. However, during the process, undesirable chemical reactions such as hydrolysis, oxidation, and polymerisation occur.

Let’s Compare : Margarine vs Butter

Prepared by Areej Taufik

Is food cooked with palm oil safe from acrylamide poisoning?

What is Acrylamide? In 1994, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified acrylamide, as a potential carcinogen in humans. It was much later in 2002 that The Swedish National Food Authority discovered acrylamide in a variety of baked and fried foods cooked at high temperatures. ...

Palm oil in hazelnut spread

Palm oil is the key ingredient in hazelnut spread because it gives smooth creamy texture.

Attributes of Palm-Based Soap

Serves as emollient that provides soothing and moisturizing effects on skin.

Effective baking with palm-based ingredients

Several studies including O’Brien (2009) and Ghotra et al. (2002) have found that fat is important in bakery products as it provides tenderness and improves overall texture, mouthfeel, heat transfer, extension of shelf life, lubrication, and structural integrity. This is supported by Zhou et al. (20...