Palm Oil in Frying Comparison

Over the years, many frying studies comparing palm olein (liquid fraction of palm oil) with other types of edible oils has been undertaken to examine their stability at high frying temperature. In those studies, more often than not, palm olein surpassed the other edible oils in terms of its frying p...

Stability of frying oil will affect the quality and taste of Deep Fried foods

Deep-frying is a cooking process during which food products are immersed into edible oil at a temperature between 150 to 190 degree. The frying process is very quick and requires minimal food preparation but a lot of cooking oil is used since the food has to be totally submerged in the frying oil.

Comparison of the Frying Performance of Olive Oil and Palm Superolein

Another positive aspect of palm super olein in this study is that it showed lower formation of the sulfide compound as compared to olive oil. This is an indication that palm super olein provided higher chemical stability compared to olive oil.

Why Choose Palm Oil for Global Food and Non-Food Applications?

Palm oil has a balance fatty acid profile with equal proportions of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. The presence of 50% saturated fatty acids directly contributes to its stability and in addition, the prescence of a low level (11%) of unstable linolenic acid further enhances this attribute.

Stability and Desired Attributes of Palm Olein in Deep Frying Applications

MPOC presented a paper at the recent International Congress of Food Science and Nutrition in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, organized by Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT) and University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) on deep frying entitled “Stability and Desired Attributes of Palm Olein in Deep Frying Appl...

The Art of Deep Frying