Appreciating and Recognising Customers, and Our Palm Oil Trade Awareness Programme

Appreciating and Recognising Customers, and Our Palm Oil Trade Awareness Programme

THE Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) recently played

host to a delegation of 33 business leaders and captains of the oils and fats industry from 10 countries. The invitees, specially flown to Malaysia under MPOC’s Customers Appreciation and Recognition Scheme (CARES) and the Palm Oil Trade Awareness Programme (POTAP), spent about five days in Kuala Lumpur from Sunday, March 6, 2011.

Pakistan, the country picked for MPOC’s first

International Palm Oil Trade Fair and Seminar (POTS) in 20 II, sent the largest delegation of 13 invitees. With the exception of one, all other invitees from Pakistan were representatives of the Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers’ Association (PVMA) and Pakistan Edible Oil Refiners Association (PEORA), two of the most influential industrial associations in the oils and fats sector in the country.

The other invitees hailed from

China, India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana, Russia and the United States. Almost all invitees were identified and nominated by MPOC’s regional representatives based in 10 countries worldwide.

The invitees were recipients of an initiative by MPOC,

through CARES and POTAP, to increase the awareness and subsequent uptake of Malaysian palm oil among international oils and fats users. CARES is basically a programme designed as a form of award to loyal buyers of palm oil from Malaysia over the years. Invitees would have the opportunity to not only visit Malaysia and pay a call on their Malaysian suppliers, but also experience Malaysian hospitality from members of the local palm oil industry.

POTAP is a similar programme, albeit for a different

target group, and it focuses mainly on existing oils and fats users (other than palm oil) to introduce them to the wonders and versatility of this golden oil of Malaysia. Occasionally, POTAP also invites those who are not directly involved in the oils and fats trade, such as journalists, government officials and chefs. Nevertheless, for the recent POT AP programme, only potential palm oil buyers were invited.

MPOC hosted

the delegation to a welcoming dinner at the Mutiara Crowne Plaza Hotel on Monday, March 7. There, the invitees met with the management and officials of MPOC. The invitees were also treated to a presentation by the CEO of MPOC, Tan Sri Datuk Dr Yusof Basiron, on A Fair Trade Approach/or Promoting Food Security & Supply Sustainability in Oils & Fats Trade.

Among others events, the invitees

attended the International Palm and Lauric Oils Price Outlook (POC) 2011. Held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, the conference saw CARES and POTAP invitees witness several presentations from world renowned analysts and experts in the oils and fats industry, such as Dr James Fry, Dorab Mistry, Thomas Mielke and many others. The POTAP guests also toured plantations, a biodiesel plant and bulking
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