Biocatalysis Touted Way to Better Palm Oil

BIOCATALYSIS is the way forward to better quality palm oil,” says an expert in the field.

Malaysia Genome Institute Structural and Synthetic Biology Research

Centre director, Professor Dr Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman, said the

methodology under controlled conditions could yield more palm oil from

the same amount of raw material.

In addition, it was applicable to other vegetable-based cooking oils like corn oil and olive oil.

“For example, under the current technology, 1kg of palm oil costs RM3

to produce. But under this new technology, we will be able to produce

100km at just around RM200,” he said after delivering a lecture,

entitled “Haute Couture Molecules and Biocatalysts”, in Universiti Putra

Malaysia in Serdang, Selangor, last Saturday.

Prof Mohd Basyaruddin said that the new technology was

environment-friendly because no harmful substances were used, adding

that it would be a boon for the commodity industry in the country.

He also said that with biocatalysis at the molecular level, the

technology served multiple purposes and need not only be used for food

production but also cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

As such, the quality of products would be significantly better compared to those that were derived through normal processes.

The techology added more value to the industry because of its

cost-effectiveness while at the same time yielding better quality, he

said. – Bernama

Source : Business Times

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