Briefs for all MIACES Hosted Buyers Interview Video

Interview with Mr. Jelmen Haaze from Belgium

Jelmen Haaze is the Secretary General, Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil (BASP). BASP started its activities in 2012 and has more than 17 members, including companies and industry associations. Its common goal is to increase awareness about sustainable palm oil by setting an example and monitoring the progress made in their respective sectors. (pending for video editing)

Interview with Mr. Ye Hein Kyaw from Myanmar

Ye Hein Kyaw is the Executive Director of Global Good Pure Group in Myanmar. Global Good Pure Group is involved in palm oil import in Myanmar as well as palm oil distributions. Global Good Pure Group is also one of the members of Myanmar Edible Oil Dealers Association (MEODA).

Interview with Mr. Abd Rasheed Jan Mohammad from Pakistan

Rasheed Jan Mohammed is the Chief Executive Officer of Westbury Group of Companies, one of the leading business houses of Pakistan in the Industrial, Commercial and Financial Sector. The company is involved in the trading, import, export and storage of liquid bulk commodities namely, edible oils, rice, molasses, ethanol and chemicals in Pakistan for over 30 years. The group has the largest refinery of edible oil in Pakistan with a capacity of hundred thousand tones to store edible oils, molasses, ethanol and other liquid products in collaboration with Malaysian refineries at Port Qasim. The company also owns a tank terminal at the Karachi Port with a capacity of about 80,000 MT. Westbury is also a member of the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchange.

Interview with Ms. Ebru Akdag from Turkey

Ms Ebru Akdağ is the General Coordinator of MUMSAD (Turkish Cullinary Products and Margarine Industrialists Association). She was elected to be the Chairwoman of the 10th Development Plan Food Products and Safety Specialization Commission of the Ministry of Development of Turkish Republic. In addition, she is also a book translator & editor working especially in the field of food and nutrition, aiming to enhance qualified Turkish resources in the field.

Interview with Mr. Sudhakar Desai from India

Sudhakar Desai is the CEO of Emami Agrotech Limited, the edible oil and bio-diesel arm of Emami Group of Companies business conglomerate. It is headquartered at Kolkata, India. Emami Agrotech Ltd. has diverse business interests which include production and distribution of Edible Oil, Spices, Specialty Fats. Mr. Sudhakar Desai is also the President of IVPA, an apex body of Vegetable Oils Producers formed in the year 1977, representing stakeholders from across the Edible Oil Value Chain.

Interview with Mr. Vipin Gupta from India

Mr.Vipin Gupta is the CEO – Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) and Vice President – Indian Vegetable Oil Producers’ Association (IVPA). LDC established its presence in India in 1997. They have grown from a research center to become a leading agribusiness, working closely with Indian farmers and suppliers to originate, process and distribute their products. Mr. Vipin Gupta is also the Vice President of IVPA, an apex body of Vegetable Oils Producers formed in the year 1977, representing stakeholders from across the Edible Oil Value Chain.

Interview with Mr. Isaac Kusi from USA

Isaac Kusi is from Krismark is an organic hair and skin care brand utilizing Shea Butter and Red Palm Oil as basic ingredients. The company is involved in the conceptual stage to development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of hair and skin care products. Krismark is a unique brand on the market since 1994. It is among the first brands to feature Shea Butter as a major ingredient and the first to use Red Palm oil. Krismark is sold in hair salons, and other pharmacies. Krismark was sold in The Cosmetics Center based in Maryland and six other states, Cosmetics Plus in NYC, Rickys NYC, Cambridge Chemists, Whitneys Chemists among others. Krismark is socially conscious about sustaining the environment now and for the next generations.

Interview with Mr. Timur Bakusev from Russia

Timur Bakusev is the Head of Tropical Oils Procurement Department at EFKO Group of Companies. EFKO Group of Companies is one of the three largest agro-industrial holdings in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union. EFKO is a market leader in food ingredients used in the confectionery, bakery and other food industries, and is a leader in the processing of oilseeds, the production of vegetable oil, mayonnaise, ketchup and yogurt.

Interview with Mr. Khamid Muratovich Mamirov from Uzbekistan

Khamid Muratovich Mamirov is the Director at PE Nutrifood. Nutrifood is one of the leading and trusted companies of various food ingredients in Uzbek domestic market. Their products range covers a wide variety of food and its supplements, and includes trusted brands such as Felda IFFCO oil products, Windmill potato starch, Altinmarka cocoa products alongside an ever-growing assortment of organic products.

Interview with Mr. Muhammad H. Radwan from Egypt

Muhammad H. Radwan Designation is the CEO of Oleo Misr, an Egyptian company based on the Oleochemical plant in Sadat city. Oleo Misr is part of a group of companies working in the fields of edible oils, soap, feed additives, and oleochemical. It is the leading oleochemical plants in the Middle East and Africa that produces Distilled Fatty Acids, Fractionated Fatty Acids, Hydrogenated Fatty Acids, supper white Soap Noodles, and Pharmaceutical grade Glycerin from renewable and natural feedstocks.

Interview with Mr. Leelchand Singh from South Africa

Leelchand Singh (Vish) is the Head of Sales at Africa Sunoil Group in Durban, South Africa. We specialize in edible oils and fats, candles, and soaps.

Interview with Mr. AK Essa from South Africa

A-K Essa (AK) is the Chief Operating Officer at Africa Sunoil Group in Durban, South Africa. We specialize in edible oils and fats, candles, and soaps.

Interview with Mr. Afzal Ebrahim Omar from South Africa

Afzal Ebrahim Omar is the Director and Owner of Golden Foods Manufacturers, a South African based company. Golden Foods manufactures frozen and par-baked products. They have now entered the arena of fats and oils. Golden Foods now is a proud distributor of Baking Fats, Specialized Fats and Oils.

Interview with Mr. Charles Kumi-Amoah from Ghana

Charles Kumi-Amoah is the CEO of Macks Industries Limited based and operates from Ghana. Macks Industries Limited is an Agro-Processing enterprise that is involved in Food Processing, Food Packaging and Export of Agro-Products.

Interview with Dr. Mohammad Hossein Naeli from Iran

Mohammad Hossein Naeli is from the Department of Food Science and Industry, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University. Mohammad Hossein does research in Plant Fertilization, Animal and Human Nutrition and Food Science.

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