Cookie, Brownie, Pastry Month

In this final month of 2020, MPOC celebrates cookies, brownies, and pastries! These, and many other baked goods get their decadent, crumbly, and soft texture from none other than Malaysian Palm Oil. Aside from being used as a cooking oil, the Malaysian Palm Oil, is also a popular ingredient in food formulations, particularly as margarine, shortenings, dairy fat replacers, and confectionery fats. As we prepare ourselves for the holidays, don’t forget to leave out some cookies for Santa Claus by trying out our marvellous holiday recipes below!

Effective Baking With Palm-Based Ingredients

Several studies including O’Brien (2009) and Ghotra et al. (2002) have found that fat is important in bakery products as it provides tenderness and improves overall texture, mouthfeel, heat transfer, extension of shelf life, lubrication, and structural integrity. This is supported by Zhou et al. (2011), where they found that shortenings provide the aforementioned functions, as well as air entrapment.

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