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To promote the market expansion of Malaysian palm oil and its products by enhancing the image of palm oil and creating better acceptance of palm oil through awareness of various technological and economic advantages (techno-economic advantages) and environmental sustainability.

To enhance trade opportunities in the market place by identifying and meeting the latest opportunities in the market.
2 To encourage product diversification by using Malaysian palm oil as the key ingredient, thus gaining a prominent role in new and reformulated products.
3 To improve understanding of palm oil, enhancing its application and elucidating its numerous strengths and benefits.
To uphold the good name of Malaysian palm oil by closing the gap between the issues of perception, allegations and the realities of palm oil.
5 To safeguard Malaysian palm oil as the most dominant vegetable oil in terms of market coverage, nutritional benefits, environmental sustainability and commercial success.

In delivering our services to the stakeholders and to the global masses, we at MPOC are shaped by a corporate identity that defines the organization as forward looking and insightful in its mission to promote the Malaysian palm oil industry.  This shaping of MPOC’s corporate identity can be found in the MPOC acronym where its identity is derived from the following:

Corporate Identity

M – Manpower development
The human resource growth in MPOC is not confined to the number of employees but is shaped by the development of individual employees where the right levels of expertise are the leading factors in reaching our objectives. With the right levels of expertise, MPOC becomes the reference point for the industry.

P – Planning & Promotional effectiveness
Objectives and goals can be achieved only with proper planning.  The planning stages in MPOC are guided by the objectives in hand and with calculated planning, be it in programmes and activities organized by MPOC, the planning stages are crucial in the success of the activities.  The new operational exercise puts in place a system that hones the planning of our activities.

The effectiveness of our promotional programmes and activities is vital in upholding the corporate identity.  The promotional aspects of our programmes and activities are structured within the scope of manpower development, planning and operational efficiency.  With the combination of this corporate identity, the vital promotional effectiveness can be carried through MPOC’s promotional activities.

O – Operational efficiency
The programmes and activities that are featured under the new MPOC’s approach will encompass the absolute necessary and practical methods in reaching our objectives.  In MPOC’s daily operations, the identity will assist the organization to efficiently operate within the context of its role and responsibilities. We focus on delivering results efficiently.

C – Commitment
Customer commitment is greatly emphasized in our operational strategy and MPOC’s programmes are highly geared towards meeting and exceeding the expectations of the industry players.  The level of customer commitment can be seen in MPOC’s output in terms of its successful programmes and positive feedbacks from the industry

Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)
2nd. Floor, Wisma Sawit,
Lot 6, SS6, Jalan Perbandaran,
47301 Kelana Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA. Tel : 603 – 7806 4097
Fax : 603 – 7806 2272 E-Mail :


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