Environment & Sustainability

1 Million Forest Trees Planting

1 Million Forest Trees Planting 1 Million Forest Trees Planting In January 2021, Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin planted a Merbau tree in the garden of Seri Perdana to kick off the 100 Million Tree-Planting Campaign 2020-2025. It was the start of Greening Malaysia agenda by planting 100 mil...

Human Elephant Co-existence

Elephant in Malaysia are divided into 2 sub-species. 1223 - 1677 of them live in Peninsular Malaysia (Elephas maximus) and another 2040 of them live exclusively in Sabah (E.maximus borneesis)

Science and Sustainability Engagement Series 1: Green Technology Innovations in the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry Downstream Sector Webinar

MPOC’s Science and Sustainability Engagement Series is a science-based online platform recently launched to update palm oil industry stakeholders on the latest developments in the area of sustainability, environment, health and nutrition. Experts are invited to present on this online platform regula...

Sunbear Conservation in Malaysia

Sunbears (Helarctos malayanus) are one of the 8 bear species in the world. Found mainly in South East Asia, sunbears are the smallest and least known amongst the bear family.

Are climate action commitments by EU really sincere?

In recent years, EU has taken the role to be the champion in the world to arrest and stop deforestation. This action is called for as IPCC (2019) has reported that deforestation and peatland degradation contribute most of the 13% of total human-caused land use CO2 emissions in the world1.  If l...

Help Save an Elephant With Your Next Food or Cosmetic Purchase

By Nathan Sen In Malaysia’s Sabah state, our Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) answered an emergency call and swooped in to rescue her. Veterinarians discovered that the Sahabat was nearly blind from severe eye infections in both eyes. This is likely why she was separated from her family. Field medica...