Get to know the different types of Palm-Based Cooking Oils and their Uses

Get to know the different types of Palm-Based Cooking Oils and their Uses

Prepared by Sarafhana

By deciding on the menu in advance helps you in picking the best type of cooking oil. Here are some tips on how to choose the right type of palm-based cooking oil according to your cooking needs!

Nutrient Dense Red Palm Oil

Red Palm Oil is rich in pro-vitamin A carotenoids and vitamin E tocotrienols. This antioxidants-rich oil is suitable to be used as a salad dressing. It has high smoke point as well as high heat and oxidative stability which also makes it suitable for sautéing.

High Heat Stability Palm Olein

Frying, the most popular cooking method, involves high heat process which results in rapid degradation of frying oil. Palm Olein is stable at high temperatures and less likely to form unwanted by-products during frying compared to other vegetable oils. Formation of polymers is one of the parameters used to assess the quality of frying oils. As the formation of polymers increase, the viscosity of oil will also increase leading to more oil absorption in the fried food. High viscosity oil is very difficult to drip off and will remain in the fried food resulting in greasy fried dishes. This will affect the overall food quality and texture. Palm Olein is stable at high frying temperatures, polymerise at a much slower rate and hence, produces crispy and tasty fried dish.

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