Govt’s ‘Love My Palm Oil’ programme should be compulsory at all schools

KUALA LUMPUR: National Association of Smallholders Malaysia (NASH) wants the government’s “Love My Palm Oil” programme to be a compulsory feature at all schools.

In a statement today, NASH president Datuk Aliasak Ambia proposes that both Ministry of Primary Industries and the Ministry of Education to make it compulsory for ‘Love My Palm Oil’ educational programme at all schools so as to inculcate the truth about oil palm cultivation and palm oil nutrition to young children.

This was in response to a recent video clip that has gone viral on social media depicting students at an international school, in a song and dance on stage, wrongfully blaming oil palm planting for extinction of orangutans and wildlife.

Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok was shocked to find out smear campaigns on palm oil, similar to that by the European Union, is also taking place in Malaysia among teachers.

She slammed the international school in Klang Valley for spreading misleading information about oil palm planting and unjustifiably instigating orangutans are at the brink of extinction.

“I urge the school to stop fomenting hatred for palm oil to its students,” Kok had told reporters in a press conference recently.

Aliasak said NASH members are deeply concerned that these smear campaigns among educators would cause schoolchildren to have false belief and hatred towards the oil palm, Malaysia’s golden crop.

“If children are taught incorrect information about the palm oil industry, it will definitely impair their perceptions of our golden crop.

“The government must immediately take action to correct these wrongful lies that is being imbibed into young children’s minds,” he added.

Education Ministry director-general Datuk Dr Amin Senin had reportedly said his officials are investigating and taking action against the school based on the provisions provided by the Education Act 1996 [Act 550].

Amin had said the Education Ministry will not compromise on the indoctrination of propaganda elements in private educational institutions that tarnish the image and name of Malaysia.

Aliasak said NASH is fully supportive of the Education Ministry calling out on the international school for wrongfully inciting hatred for palm oil to its students.

Source : New Straits Times

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