Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) and Mitigation Technique by Genting Plantation Berhad

Mr. Chew Jit Seng (Genting Plantation Berhad)

Genting Plantation Berhad is committed to protect the environment in Sabah. They have become member of RSPO since 2006 with some 86ha of riverine area has been re-forested since 1999, a collaboration effort with WWF Malaysia. This riverine restoration program has been extended for another 15 years beginning 2006, in collaboration with WWF Malaysia and Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD). As of today, some 2116ha has been set aside by Genting Plantation Berhad within their estate for conservation and ecosystem services. Set aside areas within Genting Plantation Estate (GPE) is important due to the sighting of Orangutan nesting site and occasional sighting of Orangutan feeding in the estate area.

Mitigation measures have been taken including to clearly mark boundary between the forest reserve and the estates. Second, “No Illegal Hunting” and “NO Unauthorized Entry” signage were placed along the border of the estate to warn any poachers from entering. Regular patrolling at forest-estate border is also another common practice by GPE to stop poachers from entering their estate. Training and awareness progamme has been given to their employee and other relevant stakeholder in order to give better understanding on the importance to protect the ecosystem and the service it provides. Last but not least, GPE has also installed electric-fence and dug trenches whenever necessary to prevent elephant intrusion into their estate.

In addition, any incident of elephant intrusion is recorded and reported to the SWD so that appropriate action can be taken such as chasing the elephant back into the forest or to relocate the elephant to different forest to avoid any injuries to the elephant or workers. Ultimately, Genting Plantation Berhad’s goal is to secure connectivity by establishing forest corridors to connect the protected area surrounding the estate.

Reviewed by: Ahmad Shahdan Kasim, Executive, SED

This presentation was presented during “MPOC / SWD Human – Wildlife Conflict Workshop” held on 22 – 23 November 2016 at FourPoints by Sheraton, Sandakan, Sabah. For the complete presentation, please click the link provided.

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Mr. Chew Jit Seng 

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