International Palm Oil Lifecyle Assessment Conference 2009

1. LCA of Biofuel Oilcrop 
  by Dr. Guido A. ReinhardtDownload
2. US Biofuel Policy and Outlooks 
  by Mr. Brian YoungDownload
3. Current issues on LCA and its impact on LCA studies of oil palm 
  by Dr Chen Sau SoonDownload
4. Life cycle assessment of a palm oil system producing both biodiesel and cooking oil: a Cameroon case 
  by Mr. Wouter AchtenDownload
5. Life Cycle Assessment for the Production of Biodiesel: A Case Study in Malaysia for Palm and Jatropha Oil 
  by Dr Lee Keat TeongDownload
6. Life cycle evaluation of palm oil biodiesel in Thailand 
  by Dr Shabbir H GheewalaDownload
7. Enhancement LCA of Palm Oil with Malaysian Formulated Indicators 
  by Dr Sumiani YusofDownload
8. Potential and limits of LCA for the environmental assessment of biofuels 
  by Dr Reiner ZahDownload
9. LCA and US Low Carbon Fuels 
  by Ms Susan SanchezDownload
10. LCA of Malaysian palm oil – improvement options and comparison with European rapeseed oil 
  by Dr Randy DalgaardDownload
11. Impact of the Renewable Energy Directive on GHG emission reduction 
  by Dr. Johannes GedigaDownload
12. GHG calculation within a global certification scheme 
  by Dr Jan M HenkeDownload
13. Soybean Lifecyle Database Update 
  by James W PollackDownload
14. GHG requirements and challenges posed from the RSPO perspective 
  by Mr ChewDownload
15. Soybean Lifecyle Database Update 
  by James W PollackDownload
16. Carbon reporting methodology for palm
oil under the UK’s RTFO
  by Chris MalinsDownload
17. Effect of Biodiesel Production on Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Use for Canada 
  by Bryan G McConkeyDownload


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