Local NGO Colludes with Foreigners to Attack Malaysian Palm Oil Industry

Recently, a local NGO smuggled a foreign journalist from Denmark into a

well managed plantation in Perak where they coached selected plantation

workers to say things that were then sensationalised by the media.

Apparently , the visit and interview which were conducted without the

permission of the plantation management were arranged by the local NGO

who is campaigning against the use of paraquat. The NGO blames the use

of paraquat as a convenient means of committing suicide among Indian

female workers. Once back in Denmark, the journalist wrote malicious

lies and allegations about slavery, lack of medical treatment etc in oil

palm plantations. This is surely a lose-lose case for the local NGO.

After the great effort to “smuggle” the so called journalist to

interview the selected pre coached workers, the NGO has no control over

what the journalist intends to write in the Danish newspapers.

What has the NGO gained by playing traitor. Wouldn’t it be better to

lodge a complaint with the local authorities, if there are deserving

cases to be investigated? If personal ideology of the NGO, like asking

for total banning of paraquat cannot be accepted by the majority and the

authorities, why choose to become a traitor and hope to destroy the

whole palm oil industry, by colluding with the European anti palm oil


The livelihood of thousand of workers is being jeopardized by the

NGOs action who probably went back home to a comfy bed thinking it

scored big but not realising that this action is causing the loss of a

decent rice bowl of many poor people.

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