Malaysia – Japan Palm Oil Trade Dialogue and Seminar 2018

It is a certainly a pleasure for Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) and Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) to offer you the opportunity to participate in this event at Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, 09th July, 2018.

Malaysia-Japan Palm Oil Trade Dialogue & Seminar is mooted to acknowledge the importance of Japan as a major palm oil user and more importantly, a discerning customer of Malaysian palm oil. The event is designed to offer oils and fats players both from within and outside Japan a platform to exchange, discuss issues affecting the trade and business networking. In this regards, Malaysia-Japan Palm Oil Trade Dialogue & Seminar 2018 enables the users to receive updates on the latest development on palm oil trade. For this purpose, we have lined up a team of oils and fats industry experts to present carefully selected papers to update issues affecting the oils and fats trade.

We believe that the challenges and issues that is disseminated in this event can be translated into business opportunities and partnerships when joint efforts are undertaken between suppliers and palm oil users to develop the trade.

We believe that this event will shed insights on current issues and lead to opportunities for expanding trade. Don’t miss this opportunity. Be part of this important event by registering now. Your participation will immensely contribute towards improving the quality of the conference.

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