Malaysian Palm Oil – A Success Story

Malaysian Palm Oil - A Success Story

It has the scent of violets, the taste of olive oil and a colour which tinges food like saffron but is more attractive.”

Such was a 15th Century description of palm oil. Used and treasured by the ancient Egyptians and to this day much valued by the world, palm oil with diversity of uses is truly amazing.

It is the preferred oil for home and commercial use in many lands, and it is found on the shelves of virtually all food stores and supermarkets. In many societies, consumption rises sharply with major festivals, making this oil an essential ingredient for ‘celebrations of life’.

This coffee-table publication traces the ‘Malaysian Success Story’. It takes the reader into the kitchens of the world. It explains the unique properties of this oil, especially the healthy balance between unsaturated and saturated oils and fats, and delves into related health issues.

It provides glimpses of the plantation industry and explains why Malaysia is a reliable and sustainable supplier of this remarkably versatile oil. In short, it invites everyone to share the passion for palm oil – aptly called ‘nature’s gift to the world’.

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