Market Forum 2018 Assessing 2018, Thriving 2019 – Download Papers

Special Session : Improving the Human Relationship ‘Software’ When Working in the PO Industry
By Richard Cheang, Kim Loong Resources Sdn. Bhd.
Paper 1 : The Implementation of Sales and Services Tax and Its Implication Trade
By Erpin Massalo, Royal Custom of Malaysia
Paper 3 : Anticipating 2019 Market Direction Amidst Challenges
By Benny Lee, Equities Tracker download_pdf

Panel Discussion Papers
Paper 1 : China Palm Oil Market – Challenges, Issues Opportunities
Lim Teck Chaii, MPOC
Paper 2 : Challenges and Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa Palm Oil Market
Nor lskahar Nordin, MPOC
Paper 3 : Opportunities and Challenges : Asia Pacific ex-China
Muhammad Kharibi Zainal Ariffin, MPOC
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