MPOC-Swinburne Palm Oil Educational Outreach Webinar

MPOC’s Science and Sustainability Engagement Series is a science-based online platform recently launched to update palm oil industry stakeholders and the students and researchers in the academia on the latest developments in the area of sustainability, environment, health and nutrition. Experts are invited to present on this online platform regularly to enhance awareness and knowledge-building among industry stakeholders.

The eighth webinar series, titled “MPOC-Swinburne Palm Oil Educational Outreach Webinar” was held on 13 October 2021. The event featured 5 eminent speakers in their respective field who shared their experiences and their opinions on the future of research in the palm oil industry for the budding graduates and young scientists.

The papers presented in the three-hour and 30 minutes long webinar include:

  1. Conservative Efforts in East Malaysia
    by Dr. Sen Nathan, Sabah Wildlife Department.
  2. From Waste to Gold: Generating Green Energy from POME
    by Dr. Lee Chin Mei, Universiti Malaysia Pahang.
  3. Palm Biomass Supply Chain
    by Prof. Dr. Lam Hon Loong, University of Nottingham (Malaysia).
  4. Nutritional Attributes of Palm Oil
    by Dr. Siti Rahma Hj Abdul Hafid, Malaysia Palm Oil Board.
  5. Challenges in the Oil Palm Industry’s R&D
    by Dr. Ruslan Abdullah, Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Following the presentations, an engaging and lively forum on “Career Opportunities in Palm Oil Industry” moderated by Dr. Ruslan Abdullah ensued. 59 questions received during the session which indicates a great interest from the audience to learn and know more about the subject matter presented by each speaker on palm oil, and more importantly, future prospects of the industry. After the forum, participants joined the live Kahoot session and immediately after, a lucky draw session was done to end the event on a more light-hearted note. The webinar was attended by 483 participants online.

Presentation 1: Wildlife Conservation Efforts in Managing Human Wildlife Conflict in Sabah

Dr Sen Nathan,
Sabah Wildlife Department

Presentation 2: From Waste to Gold : Generating Green Energy from POME

Dr Lee Chin Mei,
University Malaysia Pahang

Presentation 3: Oil Palm Biomass Supply Chain

Prof. Dr. Lam Hon Loong,
University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus

Presentation 4: Nutritional Attributes of Palm Oil
Dr Sitti Rahma Haji Abdul Hafid,
Malaysian Palm Oil Board
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