Nutrition & Health

Nutrition & Health

Palm Oil Educational Outreach Webinar: Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, 25 May 2021

Palm oil is a major source of dietary fat for more than 3 billion people in 150 countries making it the most consumed edible oil in the world. It is also a major ingredient in the production of cosmetics, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. However, the Malaysian palm oil industry is challeng...

Palm Oil in Your Diet

Oils and fats are used in daily cooking preparation to provide energy and to enhance the flavour of the food. Different oilseeds and vegetable oils as well as animal fats have served as the source for these fats. Among these, palm oil has historically one of the most commonly used fats in the wor...

Palm Tocotrienols : Natural Skin Protecting Antioxidants

Our skin is the largest external organ which serves as a barrier to external pathogen and harmful radiations. Skin cell is vulnerable to free radicals. Free radical formations are caused by several factors.

Cholesterol Awareness : Facts About Blood Cholesterol

It is a common misconception that saturated fats in our diet a detrimental to health. They have been suggested to elevate blood cholesterol and therefore increase the risk of heart disease.

Science and Sustainability Engagement Series 2: Palm Tocotrienols Webinar

MPOC’s Science and Sustainability Engagement Series is a science-based online platform recently launched to update palm oil industry stakeholders on the latest developments in the area of sustainability, environment, health and nutrition. Experts are invited to present on this online platform regula...

Nutritional Benefits of Dietrich in Vitamin E and Carotenoids

Current study found apotentially favourableeffect of total carotenoidsand vitamin E combinationin reducing the likelihoodof cognitive decrementsin a prospective cohortstudy of a large bi-racialpopulation of urbanmiddle aged adults.