Nutritional Benefits of Palm Oil

Presentation by Dr Pramod Khosla
Department of Nutrition and Food Science
Wayne University, Michigan, USA

The adverse health effects the dietary trans mono unsaturated fatty acids (tMUFA), resulting from the partial hydrogenation of liquid vegetable oils, has been the subject of intense scrutiny for years. It is now accepted that tMUFA adversely affect blood lipids and coronary heart disease (CHD) risk. Accordingly, food labeling laws in several countries are attempting to restrict tMUFA intake. While, replacement of tMUFA with their CIS counterparts in the ideal option form a health perspective, functionality and supply considerations invariably require the presence of saturated fatty acids, and in this regard palm oil may be the best option. Althoug saturated fatty acids have been implicated as having an adverse effect on CHD risk, the risk is significantly less than that asscociated with tMUFA effect.

This presentation wil provide an update on the health effects of palm oil and discuss potential opportunities for its use in local markets.

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