Oils and Fats International Congress 2016 (OFIC) and ISF 2016

OFIC 2016

I am pleased to invite you to take part in the Oils and Fats International Congress 2016 (OFIC 2016). This is a very special event which includes ISF Oils and Fats Lecture Series, thus emphasising the wide scope of 17 Oils and Fats.

The theme of the Congress has been selected as : “Global Trends of Oils and Fats – Pathways to 2025″. The five modules will cover all the 17 Oils and Fats under the following issues / aspects : Economics and Price Outlook, Global Trade Policies and Politics, Technology (Processing, Mechanisation & Robotics), Nutrition and Sustainability. The following speakers will be delivering the ISF Lectures Series:-

  • Kaufmann Award Memorial Lecture by Prof Yang YueXin
  • 16th Tan Sri Dato Seri B. Bek-Nielsen Foundation Lecture by Dato’ Carl Bek-Nielsen
  • 4th Raja Alias Foundation Lecture by Dr Robert A. Martienssen
  • 3rd Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik Foundation Lecture by Mr Dorab Mistry

In addition to the above, we expect more speakers including those from University of Cambridge and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I hope you will agree with me that several important developments have emerged including palm oils being ranked first in term of production and export, role of phytonutrients in health and biomedical science, the structure of oils and fats and their nutritional attributes, genomic research on oil palms, life cycle analysis (LCA) of oils and fats and renewable energy. These are some of the developments which will have socio-economic impacts.

We are looking forward to more than 13 leaders from various national associations of Oils and Fats (members of ISF) and members of AOCS gathering at OFIC 2016 to share their knowledge and expertise for a better world.

Best Regards

Academician Emeritus Prof Tan Sri Datuk Dr Augustine S H Ong
President, MOSTA
Chairman, OFIC 2016 Organising Committee

OFIC 2016

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