Palm Futures Rise as Rainy Season May Dampened Output

PRICES on the crude palm oil futures contract market ended higher on

Bursa Malaysia Derivatives yesterday as traders expected a rainy season

to dampen productivity, dealers said.

At close, the July 2010

contract added RM13 to RM2,477 per tonne, August 2010 jumped RM15 to

RM2,435 per tonne.

September 2010 rose RM18 to RM2,398 per tonne

and October 2010 went up RM12 to RM2,384 per tonne.

Turnover was lower at 13,435 lots compared to 19,375 lots Wednesday

while open interest rose to 76,819 contracts from 76,801 contracts


On the physical market, June South added RM10 to

RM2,510 per tonne.

Source : Business Times

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