Palm Futures Takes Cue from Soya Oil

KUALA LUMPUR: Crude palm oil (CPO) futures contracts ended firmer yesterday for the second consecutive day, taking the cue from the strong performance of soyabean oil prices on the Chicago Board of Trade.

February 2014 rose by RM25 higher to RM2,565 a tonne, March 2014 increased RM21 to RM2,563, April 2014 surged RM22 to RM2,568 and May 2014 added RM21 to RM2,564, June 2014 edged up RM20 to RM2,559 and July 2014 went up RM17 to RM2,549 a tonne. 

Turnover appreciated to 25,141 lots from Wednesday’s 21,861 lots, while open interest jumped to 212,005 contracts from 205,742 contracts recorded previously. 

On the physical market, February South added RM10 to RM2,570 a tonne.

Source :  Business Times

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