Palm Futures Up in Line with Soyaoil

KUALA LUMPUR: Crude palm oil futures prices ended higher yesterday in line with the rise in crude oil contracts and the Chicago Board of Trade soyaoil prices, a dealer said.

At close, July 2014 rose RM29 to RM2,489 a tonne, August 2014 surged RM38 to RM2,489, September 2014 added RM39 to RM2,481, while October 2014 soared RM41 to RM2,480 a tonne.

Volume narrowed to 35,221 lots from 36,746 lots last Friday, while open interest eased to 218,254 contracts from 221,583 contracts recorded previously.

On the physical market, July South added RM10 to RM2,510 a tonne.Bernama


Source : New Straits Times

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