Palm Oil Gets Emphasis Under 10th Malaysia Plan

PORT KLANG, May 27 (Bernama) — The government has put palm oil as one

of the National Key Economic Areas to be given emphasis under the 10th

Malaysia Plan, Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Tan Sri

Bernard Dompok says.

The aim was to make the palm oil industry remain competitive and not to

lose its momentum since it had become one of the country’s export

earners, he told reporters after witnessing the signing of a lease

agreement between Cargill Palm Products Sdn Bhd and Port Klang Authority

here on Thursday.

“We want to ensure the palm oil industry does not face obstacles. The

ministry would assist the industry to remove the obstacles and in

penetrating new markets while making the palm oil industry competitive,”

he said.

One of the obstacles, he said, was the negative campaign by certain

non-governmental organisations (NGOs) overseas which claimed that the

expansion of palm oil plantations had affected the livelihood of orang


“The NGOs continue to mislead the consumers, and not many people in

Europe has seen a palm oil tree or even orang utan,” he said.

The Malaysian government, through its representatives in Washington,

would also continue meeting American legislatures to explain to them the

reality of the palm oil industry in order to combat the negative

publicity given to the Malaysian golden crop.

He also said that hopefully, palm oil would be included in the ongoing

trade negotiations between United States and Malaysia.

The 10th Malaysia Plan is expected to be unveiled on June 10.

Source : BERNAMA

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