Palm Oil Good Alternative to Marine Fish Oil, says Prof

PALM oil has been recognised as an alternative to marine fish oil in the production of aquafeed (food pellets for marine life).

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) School of Biological Sciences lecturer Prof Ng Wing Keong said it was vital to find a substitute for marine fish oil as scientists ha predicted that demand for fish oil would outstrip supply.

“As crude palm oil is the richest known natural source of vitamin E and beta-carotene, the substitution will not cause any marked negative effect on fish growth,” he said.

Ng said since 1998, the Fish Nutrition Laboratory in USM had embarked on a comprehensive research to evaluate the potential of using palm oil in aquafeed which revealed many positive results.

“In general, the use of palm oil in aquafeed is able to increase fish growth, reproductive performances as well as the nutritional value in these fishes,” said Ng during an inaugural lecture in honour of his new appointment as professor in USM recently.

Appointed as professor last year, Ng heads the Aquatic Biology Department at USM School of Biological Sciences.

The 51-year-old academician obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Aquatic Biology from USM, his Masters in Aquaculture from Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand and his PhD in Nutrition from the Mississippi State University.

Source : The Star

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