Palm Oil Health Awareness Evening Forum 11 June 2022, George Town, Penang

Palm Oil Health Awareness Evening Forum is one of SESD program under the Education Programs for Health and Nutrition-Related Professionals. This programme is comprised of a series of half day seminars, aimed to generate interest and update knowledge on palm oil and palm tocotrienols among local medical doctors, pharmacists and other professionals from the biomedical fields.

The first Palm Oil Health Awareness Evening Forum for 2022 was carried out in collaboration with Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) Penang branch, Penang Medical Practitioners’ Society (PMPS) and Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS). It was held at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, George Town, Penang.

The event started with a welcome remarks from Dr. Ruslan Abdullah, Director of MPOC’s Science, Environment and Sustainability Division. This was followed by papers presented by:

  1. Prof. Dr. Ammu K. Radhakrishnan, Professor in Immunology, Monash University Kuala Lumpur – Immune Enhancing Potentials of Palm Tocotrienols, and
  2. Dr. Khor Ban Hock, Senior Lecturer and Dietitian, Universiti Malaysia Sabah – Dietary Culprits Triggering Coronary Heart Disease: Fats vs Carbohydrate.

Prof. Dr. Ammu K. Radhakrishnan, Professor in Immunology,  Monash University Kuala Lumpur

Dr. Khor Ban Hock, Senior Lecturer and Dietitian,  Universiti Malaysia Sabah


Following the presentations, a lively discussion ensued. During this session, about eleven questions were addressed.  MPOC’s efforts to counter anti-palm oil campaigns, the advantages of blended cooking oils, fat consumption guidelines to prevent non-communicable diseases, Malaysia palm oil industry’s efforts in mitigating 3-MCPD content in palm oil products and the benefits of palm tocotrienols in enhancing the body’s immune system were among the topics that were discussed. The lively Q&A session indicates a great interest from the audience to learn and know more about the health benefits of palm oil and palm tocotrienols, and also on how MPOC addresses some of the global challenges in promoting palm oil. The seminar was attended by 90 participants.

Q & A session moderated by Dr. Ruslan Abdullah, Director SESD

Palm Oil Health Awareness Evening Forum participants

Exhibitions were set up in conjunction with the evening forum. Two companies, Carotino Sdn Bhd and Sime Darby Oils participated in the exhibition. The objective of the exhibition is to raise awareness on palm oil-based products and disseminating technical knowledge about palm oil to the participants. Among the displays were palm tocotrienols supplement, palm oil-based cooking oil such as commercial palm olein, red palm oil, “Smart Balance” cooking oil, palm oil-based food product such as peanut butter, margarine, biscuits, cereals and drinks as well as palm-based non-food products including personal care products, detergents and cosmetics.

Carotino Sdn Bhd

Sime Darby Oils

Palm oil-based product displays by MPOC

Prepared by Sarafhana Abdullah

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