Palm Oil Industry Leadership Award (PILA) 2016


The Malaysian palm oil industry has emerged as a global leader in the oils and fats market and is being increasingly acknowledged for its leadership and innovative roles. It meanwhile continues to be a major pillar of the Malaysian economy and contributed RM60.11 billion in 2015.

These are major strides and achievements attributable to our industry and, on many instances, to certain individuals, whose leadership contributions, in the form of corporate governance, innovations, policy change etc. have impacted the palm oil industry in a major way and often resulted in measurable benefits for the industry. MPOC therefore wishes to honour such outstanding individuals and recognise them for their leadership efforts and qualities.

We have created the Palm Oil Industry Leadership Award (PILA) for these esteemed industry leaders. The award is presented annually at the Palm Oil Industry Leadership Award Dinner.

This year’s Palm Industry Leadership Award (PILA) 2016 dinner will coincide with POTS KL 2016. This is to enable the international participants of POTS KL 2016 to be aware of MPOC’s efforts as well as showcasing the contributions of the PILA award recipient. Both these events will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Shangri La Hotel.

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