Palm Oil: Price trends 2021. Market expectations and sentiments

The palm oil market has become one of the fastest growing markets over the past years. Significant growth in demand across different industries led to price increase. However, Covid -19 has impacted the market. Palm oil export was effected by lower global demand due to lockdown in most importing countries and the prospects of a recovery of oil production will depend on a number of factors.
Key Topics:
  • Palm oil market trends in 2021
  • How did La Niña affect palm oil production, and what is next? Are there any immediate risks or opportunities pertaining to the palm market? Will palm oil prices remain bullish?
  • Impact of Covid 19: challenges and opportunities. 
Paper 1 : 

Mr Faisal Iqbal,
Deputy Director,
Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)

Paper 2 : 
Mr. Kian Pang Tan,
Senior Analyst, Refinitiv
Paper 3 : 
Mr Ahmed Alami,
Managing Director, Alami Group
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