Palm Oil Trade and Seminar (POTS) Iran 2022

MPOC is pleased to host the Malaysia-Iran Palm Oil Trade and Seminar (POTS® Iran 2022). The theme for POTS® Iran 2022 is “Complementing Iran’s Oils & Fats Demand with Malaysian Palm Oil.” This event is also the first physical event conducted by MPOC overseas since the pandemic in 2020. Since its inception in 2006, POTS® series have proven to be one of the most anticipated and sought-after events in the global oils and fats industry calendar.

Iran is a leading importer of Malaysian Palm Oil in the Middle East Region and has been highlighted as one of the key markets for potential growth. POTS® Iran will provide a host of opportunities to industry members, both within and outside Iran, to discuss current issues affecting trade, explore market opportunities and benefit from various networking sessions.

Plenary Lecture : Palm Oil Nutrition – Facts vs Myths

Datuk Dr. Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir

Director General, MPOB

Presentation 1: Malaysia’s Strategies in Addressing Food Safety Issues on 3-MCPDE and GE

Dr. Azmil Haizam Ahmad Tarmizi

Head of Analytical and Quality Development Unit, MPOB

Presentation 2: Advantages of Using Palm Oil for Formulation of TFA Free Fats

Prof. Dr. Aziz Tekin
Ankara University, Turkey

Presentation 3: Potential of Palm Oil in Iran Oils & Fats Industry
Mr. Amir Houshang Birashk
Secretary-General of Iran Vegetable Oil Industry Association (IVOIA)
Presentation 4: Global Oils and Fats and Palm Oil Price Outlook

Mohd. Izham Hassan

Deputy Director of Marketing and Marketing Development, MPOC

Presentation 5: Current Opinion on Saturated Fat and Heart Disease Risks

Dr. Kanga Rani A/P Selvaduray

Head of Nutrition Unit, MPOB

Presentation 6: Palm Olein as Best Choice for Iranian Frying Industry
Ms. Sarafahana Dollah
Senior Executive of Science, Environment and Sustainability, MPOC
Presentation 7: Palm-based Products for Non-Food Applications
Dr. Nurul Lina Mohamad
Lead Researcher of Feed and Industrial technology, FGVAT
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