Palm Oil Trade Fair and Seminar (POTS), Kuala Lumpur 2010

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The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) is proud to present the Third International Palm Oil Trade Fairand Seminar in Kuala Lumpur (POTS KL 2010), which will be held from Oct 3 to 5, 2010, at the RoyaleChulan Kuala Lumpur.

Themed Optimising Market Dynamics through Innovations and Global Challenges, POTS KL 2010 willhighlight efforts undertaken by stakeholders to leverage on available and new technologies or ideas,within as well as outside the industry, in facing the mounting state of affairs in the global oils and fatssector.This two-day event will see another assemblage of international presenters, speakers, exhibitors andparticipants with deep interest in the oils and fats industry, particularly in palm oil.

The event will enablekey players and industry leaders from related sectors to explore all the possible ways and means, whichwill be deliberated during the seminar, to better manage challenges and opportunities in the globalmarket.

While participants and visitors gain invaluable insights into the thinking of some of the greatest minds inthe industry, sponsorship opportunities are also available for companies to raise their corporate visibilityand promote brand awareness.

Exhibition booths are an important part of the POTS KL 2010 event for companies wishing to maximiseexposure for their products and services. POTS KL 2010 is the perfect venue for corporate exhibitionbooths, offering strategic booth locations and a complete trade fair experience.We know from the many testimonies industry members have given us in the past that they have benefitedtremendously from participating in our POTS series. We are flattered, but foremost in our work is that wewill always strive to do better.

We are confident that you will also share the same sentiment and experience as the many people whohave been through our POTS events.Quickly, mark your calendar today. We look forward to meeting you at POTS KL 2010.

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