Palm Oil Trade Fair and Seminar (POTS), Saudi Arabia 2019 – Download Papers

Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) and Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) are pleased to announce that the first Palm Oil Trade Fair & Seminar (POTS) in 2019 will be held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on April 24, 2019. Saudi Arabia has emerged as a leading importer of Malaysian palm oil in the region and has been highlighted as one of the key markets for potential growth. POTS Saudi Arabia will provide a host of opportunities to industry members, both within and outside Saudi Arabia, to discuss current issues affecting trade, explore market opportunities and benefit from various networking sessions. MPOC has prepared an exciting programme for this event. The programme will cover areas surrounding the global oils and fats industry, nutritional and functional attributes of palm oil and price outlook. The seminar will feature renowned local and international speakers who will share their knowledge and experience about areas which have immediate and long-term effects on the oils and fats trade in this region. We are also pleased to announce that the Minister of Primary Industries of Malaysia has been invited to deliver the keynote address and officially open POTS Saudi Arabia 2019.

We believe that the challenges and issues that are discussed during this event can be translated into business opportunities and partnerships when joint efforts are undertaken between suppliers and palm oil users to develop the trade. Besides, POTS Saudi Arabia 2019 also offers opportunities for participating companies to promote their products and image via sponsorship and exhibition. As these effective and popular marketing tools are limited, please consider taking up these opportunities to avoid disappointment.

We are confident that this conference will shed insights on current issues and lead to opportunities for expanding trade. Don’t miss this opportunity. Be part of this important event by registering now. Your participation will immensely contribute towards improving the quality of the conference.

Event Programme
Paper 1:
Palm Oil’s Role in Saudi Arabia’s Food Industry
Pradeep Reddy,
Savola Group
Paper 3 :
Malaysian Palm Oil – Fulfilling Global Needs of Oils & Fats
Datuk Dr. Kalyana Sundram,
Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)
Paper 4 :
Overview of Nutritional Studies on Malaysian Palm Oil
Datuk Dr. Ahmad Kushairi Din,
Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)
Paper 5 :
Superiority of Malaysian Palm Oil as Frying Oil
Dr. Azmil Haizam Ahmad Tarmizi,
Malaysian Palm Oil Board
Paper 6 :
Trans Fat Margarine Using Palm Oil
Dr Azman Ismail,
Paper 7 :
Updates on Saudi ‘s Dietary Pattern
Dr Khalid Madani,
Saudi Society of Food and Nutrition
Paper 10 :
Global Supply and Demand Outlook for Oils & Fats
Paul Bloemendal,
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