Penang Otak-otak

An egg-based fish cake rich in spices and flavour, otak otak is significant to Malaysian cuisine and hawker fare. The flavour base is of utmost importance here, because fish and egg both take on spice with ease. The end result of this recipe is one that most certainly does the otakotak culture in Malaysia proud.

200 ml thick coconut milk • 2 tbsp palm oil
2 eggs, beaten • 2 tbsp rice flour
3 kaffir lime leaves, finely julienned
1 tsp white pepper • 1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp saIt • 200 g palm sambal paste
banana leaves for wrapping
20 kaduk leaves
1 kg boneless white fish fillet, cut into slices

1. Combine coconut milk, palm oil, eggs, rice flour, kaffir lime leaves, white pepper, sugar and salt and sambal paste.
2. Cut banana leaves into 10 x 10 cm pieces. Wipe them clean. line three kaduk leaves in the centre, then place three slices of fish and about three tablespoon of coconut milk mixture in the centre.
3. Fold two opposing sides of the banana leaf together, but leave the centre part open.
4. Steam over hot boiling water for ten minutes until the custard is set. Garnish with coconut cream, sliced chilli and kaffir lime leaves prior to serving.


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