Palm Pulse May 2023

MPOC is pleased to introduce the inaugural issue of Palm Pulse, our monthly newsletter dedicated to bring you latest market updates and insights on the palm oil industry. Stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving industry by downloading a copy via the links below. To view with Desktop mode Do...

Annual Report 2021

The Malaysian Palm Oil (MPO) industry had to navigate unchartered waters for the second consecutive year, as it coped with the global devastation wreaked by the Covid-19 pandemic. Even as the domestic economy eased open, it was not possible to find immediate solutions for specific industry needs.

Malaysian Palm Oil Nutrition : Ask The Expert

The uniqueness of oil palm is that it produce two types of oil - palm oil and palm kernel oil, from a single fruit.

A Day with Palm Oil

Did you know, palm oil is a versatile ingredient found in the products we use every day? Here’s how Adam and his family uses palm oil in their daily lives.

Fact Sheets Malaysian Palm Oil

  Palm oil is one of the 10 major vegetable oils traded in the global oils & fats market. It has been consumed as food from as long as 5,000 years ago and today is found in one of every ten food products sold on the shelves worldwide. Its sibling oil, palm kernel oil, which […]

Tree of Life

Palm oil is the world’s newest commodity but is already the target of scare-mongering that mixes bad science with poor knowledge. Those who would deny Malaysian palm oil its place are putting out one-sided stories that appeal to romanticism and nostalgia.

Palm Oil’s Role in A Balanced Diet – Dr Jean Michel Lecerf

  The Pasteur Institute in Lille, France, is one of the most respected institutes in the French-speaking world. Dr Jean-Michel Lecerf, Head of its Nutrition Department, has worked on issues involving palm oil, among other oils and fats. Understanding the science behind health and nutrition including...

The Quintessential Palm Oil: For People, Planet And Profit

Malaysian Palm Oil Council has produced a new publication entitled The Quintessential Palm Oil: For People, Planet and Profit. This is the second book in the World Palm Portraits series, in which entries especially winning photographs from the photography competition are featured. The 60-page book c...

Q & A Series On Palm Oil – Facts on Malaysian Palm Oil

  The popularity of palm oil as a raw material for both food and non-food products has been increasing. Today, many food products on the supermarket shelves around the world contain palm oil. These include margarine, chocolates, chips, spreads, ice cream, cakes and cookies. Palm-based oleochemicals,...

Challenging Past Confident Future

Challenging Past Confident Future is the third book in the series of World Palm Portraits book. The concept of this series is to incorporate beautiful images from the World Palm Portraits Photography Competition with facts and figures on the palm oil industry. The 40-page book has 4 chapters on the ...