Reach and Remind Friends of the Industry Seminar 2019 and Dialogue

Reach & Remind, Friends of the Industry Seminar 2019 and Dialogue is an annual seminar organised by Malaysian Palm Oil Council, MPOC with the objective to highlight the important issues and opportunities in the Malaysian palm oil industry by way of a seminar –cum- dialogue and also exhibition. The keynote address will be presented by YB Teresa Kok, Minister of Primary Industries, Malaysia to set out the industry’s direction for the year 2019. Three papers by distinguished speakers will be presented covering wide spectrum of issues of the Malaysian palm oil industry and the challenges involved. An open dialogue between the YB Minister and the Industry Players will also be facilitated for further discussions on issues and challenges foreseen for the year. An exhibition will also be held to showcase the initiatives undertaken by MPOC including latest publications relevant to the palm oil industry.

In addition to this, the event will also see the soft launch of the ‘Love My Palm Oil‘ campaign, which is developed to instil national pride and create global appreciation on the socio-economic, health, and food security contributions of palm oil. The campaign also promotes Malaysian palm oil at national and regional levels through educational elements combining visual appeal, aesthetic value and social media platforms. A series of events will be conducted throughout the year to support this campaign.

All palm oil industry stake holders are invited to attend the event and be involved in the interactive dialogue session between YB Minister and the industry players. Registration is free.

Event Programme


Challenges and Counter-Strategies for Malaysian Palm Oil Industry

download_pdf By Datuk Dr. Kalyana Sundram,
Chief Executive Officer, MPOC

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