Reach and Teach Friends of the Industry Seminar : Challenges and Opportunities in 2011


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The inaugral Reach and Teach Friends of the Industry Seminar Dialogue (R&T 2010) was successfully organized in February 2010, attended by close to 500 participants. The R&T seminar/dialogue aims to bring to the attention of palm oil stakeholders important issues and opportunities facing the palm oil industry. Its main feature will be the dialogue between palm oil stakes holders and our Honourable Minister. Due to the strong interest, the R&T 2011 is expected to bring in more participants than 2010.  Hence, you would not want to miss this golden opportunity to participate at the dialogue session with our minister and get his views on what lies in store for the palm oil industry in 2011. It will also be a good platform to discuss and debate some of the palm oil issues to create a better understanding among the stakeholders.


This seminar will touch on some of the key issues faced by the palm oil industry through presentations from expert speakers including the following:


·      Palm Oil Market Outlook 2011 – Short to Medium Term Demand, Supply & Challenges

·      The Untapped Potential of Palm Biomass and Future Applications

·      Perspective from PEMANDU on Palm Oil as a National Key Economic Area,

    ·  Current Global Anti-Palm Oil Campaign – Where and What Needs to be Done: Palm Oil Industry’s Perspective


For companies interested to exhibit their products and services, exhibition booth space is available at RM 3000 per 3×3 sq meter and will be on a first come first serve basis as booth spaces are limited.



All palm oil stakeholders and related industries.

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