Asia Pacific (Jan – May) 2022

Malaysian Palm Oil Exports Performance to Asia Pacific Region
 ( January – May 2022)
A Review on MPO Performance

NoCountryJan-May 2022Jan-May 2021Diff (MT)Diff (%)
3South Korea167,700134,00333,69725.15
9Papua N. Guinea12,9367,2885,64977.51
10New Zealand9,0668,992740.82
20Micronesia Federation37211674.93
21New Caledonia321616100.00
23Solomon Island2024(4)(14.88)

Source: MPOB

From January to May 2022, Malaysian palm oil export to the Asia Pacific region increased by 169,060 MT or by 18.35% to 1.1 million MT compared to the same period in 2021. The main reason for the increase in the Malaysian palm oil export in this region is the higher imports by Philippines, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, the main importers of palm loil in this region. Another reason for the rise in imports is the lower availability of Indonesian palm oil since the imposition of their Domestic Market Order (DMO) which restricted their palm oil exports.

The change in the Indonesian government policies has impacted the export of Indonesian palm oil to the world market. Most of the countries in the Asia Pacific region have shifted their palm oil import to Malaysia due to the Indonesian DMO policy and ban the Indonesian palm oil export. This has increased the Malaysian palm oil market share in this region which was from 48% in 2021 to 57.3% in 2022 for the period under review. During this period, Indonesian palm oil exports to the Asia Pacific region dropped by 186,000 MT or 18.62% to 813,000 MT compared to the same period in 2021.

However, Indonesia lifted the palm oil export ban on 23 May 2022 due to the following improvements in the domestic cooking oil supply situation. It is estimated that the export of Indonesian palm oil to the world markets would increase in the following months.

Palm Oil Import in the Asia Pacific Region (excluding China)
 Jan-May 2022Jan-May 2021Change (MT)Change (%)
MPO market share57.3%48.0%  
*Indonesian data is only available from Jan-Apr 2022

The Philippines is the main destination for Malaysian palm oil exports in the ASEAN region. From January to May 2022, the import of Malaysian palm oil by the Philippines increased by 28,677 MT or 11.06% to 288,036 MT compared to the same period in 2021. The increase of Malaysian palm oil import in the Philippines was mainly due to the lower Indonesian palm oil import as well as lower production of coconut oil due to Typhoon Odette which hit the Philippines in December 2021.

Although the import of Malaysian palm oil in Japan increased for the first quarter, it is forecast that palm oil import will drop in the coming months due to the high palm oil prices and falling demand in power generation and food manufacturing sectors. High palm oil prices spiked the price of palm stearin which made it unprofitable to be used for power generation.

Malaysian palm oil export to Vietnam recorded an increase of 56,432 MT or 52.8% to 163,313 MT for the period of January to May 2022 due to the lower production of domestic oils and lower import from Indonesia. It is projected a higher usage of palm oil in the food processing and food service sectors in 2022 as tourism resumes and industrial sectors start operating at normal capacity like before the COVID-19 restriction.

Breakdown of MPO Exports to the Asia Pacific Region (MT) January to May 2022

Malaysian Palm Products Export to Asia Pacific Region  (By-Products)
PRODUCTJan-May 2022Jan-May 2021Diff (MT)Diff (%)
RBD Palm Olein*610,124554,89455,2319.95
RBD Palm Oil*221,012168,36652,64631.27
RBD Palm Stearin*72,00460,56011,44318.90
Cooking Oil / DPL69,74450,26019,48538.77
*Including ISCC, RSPO Mass Balance and RSPO from Segregated Categories

*Including ISCC, RSPO Mass Balance and RSPO from Segregated Categories
Source: MPOB

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