Sabah Wildlife Conservation Colloquium 2011


A continuation of the successful Orangutan Conservation Colloquium organized in 2009, SWCC 2012 aims to highlight conservation efforts and studies and to share their findings and exchange constructive opinions with their peers and concerned stakeholders. A focus would be made on conservation efforts undertaken for endangered species in Borneo. SWCC 2012 will provide an opportunity for NGOs and social groups to highlight their founded concerns and propose constructive recommendations and guidelines to achieve a sustainable way forward in balancing development with conservation. During SWCC 2012, we will also launch the three State Action Plans for the Bornean orangutan, the Bornean elephant and the Sumatran rhinoceros and discuss their implementation and funding. Finally, SWCC 2012 will serve as a venue for the signing of a few MOUs between the Sabah State Government and various Organizations.


• To reiterate the Malaysian Government and the palm oil industry’s efforts and undertakings on biodiversity conservation and CSR programs and to further gather support from the palm oil industry and other MNCs.

• To highlight new and pertinent conservation studies by reputable research institutions and conservation NGOs on Borneo’s/Sabah’s, Sarawak’s and Peninsular Malaysia’s endangered species.

• To launch the 3 Species Action Plans (SAP) followed by an in-depth discussion and inputs from delegates with regards to the implementation and funding of specific programs within each SAP.

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