Steamed seafood dumpling in shark’s fin broth


Steamed seafood dumpling in shark’s fin broth

It has been said that dumplings are only as good as their fillings and this recipe proves that saying to be true with every tiny bite. An utterly delicious mix of chicken, scallops and crabmeat provide the much-sought-after sweetness that is prized in Chinese cuisine, perfectly offset by its flavourful and texture-rich broth.

Ingredients (A)  
100 g minced chicken
60 g sliced winter melon
20 g dried scallops
80 g crabmeat
300 g gelatine
10 pcs fresh scallops

Ingredients (B)

2 litres chicken broth
200 g ready-cooked shark’s fin

Dumpling skin ingredients

300 g strong flour
3 g sodium bicarbonate
250 g egg


5 g salt
10 g chicken powder
18 g sugar
1 tsp mushroom powder
1 tsp palm oil

Combine ingredients (A) with the seasoning, then keep in the chiller. To make dumpling skin, mix flour, sodium bicarbonate and egg together. Divided into 10 g portions. Roll dough out into flat circles. Wrap each piece of dough around approximately 75 g of filling, then wrap them up as you would dumplings. Add 20 g of shark’s fin into each bowl with chicken broth and steam with dumplings for 20 minutes before serving.
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